Studying in Canada as an International Student: Colleges With Open Doors


Since you are reading this article, I can only make the assumption that you, or someone you know, are from a country other than Canada, and you (or that person) wish to study here for a certain amount of time. Deciding on which country/institution in which to study can be difficult, and (for foreign students) admission into some in publicly-funded universities or colleges can be just as difficult. There are several schools that are turning international students away (and perhaps not even looking at their applications) because there are far too many applications for them to wade through.

Since the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand have, essentially, shut their doors to foreign students, the two countries that international students still have left on their list of the top 5 are Canada and the U.S.  It is rather difficult to enter the States as an international student; their immigration laws are far more exclusive than inclusive. So, to that end, Canada is now listed as the country of top choice of most foreign students.

Again, it is important to remember that many publicly-funded universities and colleges are shutting their doors to international students due to the sheer volume of applications that they have received. If this is the case, it is good for international students to know that they are not out of options; there are many private colleges that may still have their doors open to these students. All a learner need do is send in an application to his/her most desired private college, and then rest assure that they will hear an answer back within hours (as opposed to the several months that it may take a publicly funded school to respond).

Although a learner has this door still open to him/her, it is important for that student to do his/her homework on the private career colleges that s/he wishes to attend. There are many good private colleges that provide top-quality education, but a student must also be wary of some as well. A student should check if the desired school is accredited by/registered with the government by checking the provincial website.

If you wish to study at a private career college in Ontario, please ensure that it is a registered college and can be found on the government site by typing in the name of the college and clicking on “Submit”.


2 Responses to “Studying in Canada as an International Student: Colleges With Open Doors”

  1. I have a BSC in Social Work from Jamaica. I’m interested in furthering my studies, in Canada. Please can you kindly recommend a private university or college that i could apply to, to complete a certificate program in the social services field. Thanks in advance for your advise !!

    • Hi there! There are a number of private colleges and universities for you to choose from here in Ontario. Off the top of my head, I can’t recommend one for the specific programme that you’re looking for, but if you’d like to check into some Ontario private colleges, click here. If you’d like to look for some private universities, click here.

      Hopefully this helps a bit! 🙂

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