Please Sir, I Want Some More…


Yeah, you’ve heard those words before, uttered from the lips of the poor little orphan, Oliver Twist. However, I think that there are more and more people in our society saying the same thing to their bosses; their scrawny little hands stretched out, awaiting just a few more dollars…perhaps even just a few more coins? It’s so hard to make ends meet these days…I mean, I’m in my late 20’s (no, I will not say exactly how late in my 20’s), and I have to spend very wisely so that every penny can be accounted for so as not to be in hock for the rest of my life. (Hmm…do I really need those new shoes? That new purse? That new car??)

It’s tough out there, and we all know that with the economy going the way it is, we need to be ready for anything. So, how do we ensure that we will have what we need in this life? Well, obviously, by building a career! But wait…what if you already have a job, but you’re waiting for that big promotion so that you don’t have to beg for scraps from the table of the corporation you work for? Well, you’re not going to be able to do it without an education. I’m sorry if that sounds blunt, but it’s true. If I didn’t have my education, I honestly don’t know where I’d be; I shudder to think.

So, here you are with a job, not a career. Maybe you can pay the bills, but for how long? Well, you need to enrol in school and gain some sort of higher education; after all, higher education equals more security. Even many receptionist jobs now require some kind of diploma or degree! We all know that our world is moving in a way that allows us to be more technologically advanced, so why not capitalise on it? There are so many different fields of IT that you can learn and gain meaningful employment in. There are higher paying jobs out there that are simply passing you by because you just aren’t qualified…yet.

At a private college, you can earn a diploma that will fully prepare you for a career in IT in less than one year! Seriously, you should be as excited about this as I am. As a girl who was born and bred in Canada, I had virtually no exposure to private education since we are always exposed to public universities and colleges. I had no idea how quickly you can complete a diploma programme at a private college.

So, get up, brush the dirt from your knees, enrol in a programme, invest in your future, stop begging for scraps, and take your place at the business table where you belong.



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