You’re Hired! Well, If You’re an I.T. Worker, That Is…


It seems as though it’s nearly impossible to land a job these days, what with this economic downturn that we’ve all experienced as of late. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, or how many years of experience you have; the industry that you’ve trained for/worked in for the last few years just isn’t hiring…unless that industry is Information Technology.

It appears that, even in these dead days of hiring, the I.T. industry is alive and well throughout Canada and the United States. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, if you think about how much we really rely on the I.T. industry in our everyday lives, it would be rather asinine of us to discount it as a thriving industry.

In fact, the Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Index Skills Report shows that 55% of 1,400 CIOs asked said that it was difficult or very difficult to find qualified and skilled workers in the IT industry, even though their businesses intended to hire I.T. workers and expand that aspect of the business between now and April, 2011. So, that being said, we must figure out which areas of the IT industry are in high demand. Robert Half Technology has released a chart to better display which aspects are in the highest demand:

Not only did Robert Half Technology release the above chart, but they also set forth another that indicates which industries are looking to hire I.T. professionals, from Manufacturing, to Retail, to Business Services. Viewing this chart will allow I.T. workers to gain inside information as to which industries are most looking to hire those with their specific skills set. The chart is as follows:

So, now that you’ve been made aware of information pertinent to companies’ “intent to hire”, it is important to decided whether it is an industry that you would like to get into, and then to seek out a college with the appropriate amount of training, education, etc. that will enable you to be successful within the field. Many institutions offer training in many areas of Information Technology, but you must first ensure that they offer quality programmes before enrolling. Ask questions about the type of training you will receive and what career you will be qualified to do once you have graduated.

So, once you’ve found the appropriate I.T. programme, don’t just get your feet wet…jump right in! You know that you’ll have a great new career waiting for you once you’ve graduated!


2 Responses to “You’re Hired! Well, If You’re an I.T. Worker, That Is…”

  1. 1 Lionel

    I hope a lot of people read your blog. Mainly those entering college or university and not quite decided what to do.

  2. Thank you! I hope so too!

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