Getting a College Education May Just Save Your Life


I know that we are bombarded every single day with information about our health and how if we continue to eat red meat, drink large amounts of milk, be out in the sun for more than 7 minutes a day, or even inhale third-hand smoke, we will somehow develop cancer. It seems like, no matter what we do, according to the stats, we can’t win. Because of this over-load of information pertaining to every single thing we do and how it will develop cancer, I’ve learned to tune out an awful lot of stuff I read about or hear about on the news in regards to developing cancer (not really sure if that’s a good thing); however, this article caught my attention.

Basically, the statistics have shown that those who do not go to college have a higher risk of developing cancer; they’re 2.5 times more likely to get cancer, in fact. And, really, that’s not the most shocking thing that the article said. Those stats pertain to cancer overall, not any specific forms of cancer. So, imagine my surprise when I read that “people with a high school education or less died at a rate four to five times higher” from lung cancer than those with a college education. Unbelievable.

So, how is all of this possible?

I’m certainly not suggesting that those who were unable or did not care to go to college will simply get cancer as a direct result of their decisions. That’s ridiculous. What I am saying is that we need to look at the reasons why these statistics are proving true. The article states that “studies have suggested that less educated people are more likely to do risky things with their health”. These higher risk activities may be smoking, drinking excessively, and overeating to the point that it causes obesity. And, of course, we are all aware that these types of behaviours can lead to several different kinds of cancers (i.e. lung cancer, breast cancer, and cancer of the kidneys).

If only this poor obese mouse had gone to college...

Not only does high risk behaviour lead to the possibility of cancer, but I believe that those who have not pursued a college education also run a high risk of having little or no health insurance, as the types of careers that offer health coverage are not as widely available to them. I must say that I am thankful that I live in Canada and have a national health-care system that covers a large portion of types of treatment available, but there are still some types that are not covered. So, whether someone lives in Canada or any other country, they are always looking to see what kind of benefits are available to them through the company that they work for. Obviously, if you have a college education, you are more likely to land a higher paying job, which will probably offer you great benefits. If someone decides to stop their education after graduating from high school, they are clearly limiting their potential to be hired in a more challenging and demanding role within a company. Therefore, their benefits won’t be as great, and may not cover necessary things like doctor’s appointments (if you’re not from Canada), or even costly medical treatments.

A post-secondary qualification can ensure a better job and more education about the pros and cons of a situation before you make certain decisions (i.e. taking up smoking).

So, don’t play Russian Roulette with your future; get yourself educated. After all, doing so may just save your life.


12 Responses to “Getting a College Education May Just Save Your Life”

  1. Really interesting. I love taking studies and articles like the one you found and seeing what conclusions come up. I found that result pretty surprising at first, but like you say there are factors that just make sense. Many good questions from this. And the caption of the fat mouse is great! Laughing.

    • Yeah, I think that stats like this can be a little shocking, so I thought I’d brighten everyone’s day by sharing them…lol. As for the mouse, you can’t really have a great post without a picture of a fat mouse. Just can’t be done. 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Clay!

  2. Lovin’ the fat mouse! But on a more serious note, I definitely see the connection here. I guess I had just not put much thought into these things, but I’m glad people out there are taking the time to inform the rest of us about these issues.



    • Hello! First of all, thanks so much for stopping by! Secondly, thank you for your kind words. It’s shocking what you can find out if you just do a little bit of research, eh? lol. I mean, who knew that not going to college could increase your risk of cancer?? I hope that more people read this blog as well…then I could say that I saved a bunch of lives. 😉

      Thanks for taking the time to read through and comment, Edwin!

  3. 5 Karyn

    I guess the most striking thing about this story is that people without a college education do not have the health insurance in order to catch some sooner. I read this article and was surprised to see that this group did not go doctors when symptoms first make an appearance but later when things get unlivable. By then, it is too late and nothing can be done. How sad. And Michelle Bacman vows to repeal Obama-care in her run for president.

    • Yes, I believe that’s what it all boils down to…lack of health insurance. As you say, someone with health insurance will be able to go to the doctor on a more regular basis, so the issue of cancer can be addressed much sooner, therefore increasing life expectancy.

      I do believe that without a post-secondary qualification, one runs the risk of being “stuck in a rut” in a lower paying job, and cannot afford insurance. However, I also think that when one goes to college, one’s mind is open to a plethora of information, and education regarding health care is not so often taken for granted.

      Thanks so much for stopping in, Karyn! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! 🙂

  4. 7 Marko - Buki blog

    Very nice nlog you have very informative!!! i will follow you in future!! lol

  5. What a great bit of news, and a positive take on it!

  6. 11 alex

    Interesting topic! Nice blog!

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