6 Reasons Why Twitter is Exactly Like High School…


So, I usually write about issues regarding higher education, but I couldn’t help but write this post. I just can’t get over how Twitter is exactly like high school…has anyone else ever noticed this before? Here is my list of 6 reasons (because 5 just wasn’t enough…) why Twitter is, basically, a virtual high school:

1) It’s a popularity contest:  There are some tweeters who don’t care who is following them or who they themselves follow, just as long as they’re not alone in the virtual world. They will do all that they can to ensure that they receive some form of acceptance from someone…anyone. It’s really quite sad, really. And I know for a fact that there are several people who follow others, simply to have those people follow them back. They want to have extremely high numbers of followers so that they can be one of the “popular kids”.

2) Some people reek of desperation: Do you remember the kid in high school who tried so hard to get people to like him? He would always hover around others, almost begging them to be friends with him. Now, if he just relaxed a little and wasn’t so needy, I don’t think that people would be so turned off by him…but he didn’t. He would pester you and follow you all day long, hoping that at some point, you will break and just decide to hang out with him too. While many tweeters actually follow the people that interest them, there are some people who follow others for the soul purpose of having them follow them back. I call them Tweetmongers. They’re sellouts.

Duckie would've been a Tweetmonger...I'm sure of it.

3) Justin Bieber: he’s the main topic of conversation on Twitter and in high schools worldwide.

I mean, just look at this kid. Why wouldn't he be the main topic of conversation??

4) Spelling: For some reason, it feels like all of the training and higher education we’ve received in our later years seems to fly out the window. I do not like reading things like “Dat don’t matter” or “Gud Nite”. In high school, spelling somewhat mattered, but I think the teacher cared more about content. It’s the same with Twitter; suddenly, spelling matters little just as long as you tweet good content (which brings me to number 5…)

5) Everyone cares about what I have to say: When I was in high school, I thought that the world revolved around me and my friends, and that everyone cared what I said or wrote. I was grossly mistaken. No one wanted to hear every single detail about my life, and no one wants to read tweets about what you’re eating/watching on TV/what your dog is doing every 37 seconds. One tweet that I read simply gave me the time…that’s all. For some reason, she felt the need to share it. (Thanks so much lady, because it’s not like I have a watch, a clock hanging on my wall, or a clock on my phone. Good thing you told me what time it was, otherwise I would forever be curious.) Once again, it’s believing that the world cares about what you have to say every single minute of every day; it happens in high school as well as on Twitter.

What's being said about...#JustinBieber's #Hair

6) Re-Tweet Recognition: It’s fascinating how excited some people get about re-tweets. It’s kind of like receiving an A+ on your report card. You get a little giddy, slightly light-headed, and try to be modest about it, but you also kind of want to rub it in other people’s faces as well. When someone re-tweets something that you’ve said, you have to acknowledge it in a tweet and say thank you, meanwhile, you’re secretly hoping that everyone reads your tweet and is jealous that someone found your content worthy enough to be re-tweeted. (Don’t pretend like you don’t do this…we all do). We like showing off our A+ just as much as we like showing off our re-tweets.

So, please don’t think that I’m beating down Twitter, here…I’ll be honest. I’m just as addicted as the next guy. I just couldn’t help but notice the uncanny similarities between Twitter and high school, that’s all. I suppose I’m just saying that you should really think about what you’re tweeting before you tweet; make sure that it’s something that people may actually want to know.

Now, I’m going to go tweet Justin Bieber the link to this article. I’m sure he’ll want to read it…


6 Responses to “6 Reasons Why Twitter is Exactly Like High School…”

  1. Funny ..
    But True.. though.. 😛
    Overall.. Nice Article..
    Loved It.. ♥

    • Thanks Thaanie!

  2. He he funny…but I do echo every word!

    • Thanks so much for reading (and agreeing!), Ronelle! 🙂

  3. I’m behind after recent trip. Does this mean you are on Twitter now girl?

    • Welcome back! How was your trip?

      No, I don’t have a personal Twitter account yet…still trying to wait as long as humanly possible before I HAVE to open one. Not sure why I’m so adament about NOT getting one…perhaps because I don’t want to hear anything more about Justin Bieber, I don’t know.

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