My Top 7 Guilty Pleasures


We all have something that we love to do and either hope that no one ever finds out about it because it would be just too embarrassing, or we display it all over the blogosphere and revel in our guilty pleasure, trying to get other people hooked as well. “What do you  mean, PCC?”, you ask? Well, maybe like being in your thirties and still eating cereal made for kids (I’m looking at you, EduClaytion), or even being in your early thirties and still collecting comic books (here’s to you, Chris Coccoa), and then there are people like me that have a few guilty pleasures that most people don’t know about.

I am about to share my top 7 (because buh-LEEVE me, there are more) with you right now:

1) Making up names for colours whose names I don’t actually know, i.e. “Greeny-Bluey”. Dear Crayola, you’re welcome.

They didn't take my suggestion for "You Know...That Red-y Orange-y Colour" either...unbelievable.

2) Trolling the “Missed Connection” section of Craigslist. Why? Because someday, I hope that someone out there notices me in this city and feels so drawn to me that they are much too frightened to actually speak to me because my actions are clearly reminiscent of one, Madusa (we also have very similar hair), and feels the need to post a random comment on a website, vaguely describing where we were and who I am: “Blonde girl in black sweater, saw you walking down the road. I was the guy in the car. If this is you, message me to tell me what time this was so I know it’s you”. Awesome. Can’t wait to read those words, someday…

I mean, who WOULDN'T want to hit this chick up on Craigslist...

3) Going through my Site Stats and reading what people are searching for when they somehow come across my blog. (Don’t judge me…you know you do it too.) Here are some of my favourites to date:

  • I’m in my thirties and a 17 year old keeps staring at me” – I have no idea how this search brought this guy to my blog, but I say he stares back…without blinking for 13 minutes straight. That oughta take care of it.
  • Mr. T” – One man + one mohawk + hundreds of gold chains = pure magic. Why wouldn’t I do a post with a picture of that guy in it?
  • Thrice divorced and living in a van down by the river” – I don’t think I can help you there, guy…
  • Cross section of a vegetable” – How did this happen? Do I look like a vegetable (a Rutabaga, perhaps)? Did I suddenly become a scientist and blog about it without knowing? Possible, I guess…
  •  “Star Wars bed sheets” – Don’t hate. They’re awesome.
  •  “Lying men in pajamas” – What every single woman is searching for…
  •  “Bette Davis Whatever Happened to Baby Jane wallpaper” – I post one picture of this…just one, and people find my blog, expecting to read about classic films from the ’60s. I can’t imagine their disappointment.
  •  “Need to check my email” – How do you know how to do Google this but not know how to click on your Inbox? How?
  • Clueless” – How I feel after trying to figure out how all of these people found my blog based on these searches…

My brothers and sisters. I know it's hard to tell the difference because we Rutabagas all look the same...

4) Eating chocolate isn’t generally considered a guilty pleasure because so many people do it. What is there to be ashamed of in doing it, you may wonder? Well, how about downing 3 Kit Kat Chunky bars, eating the entire head of a large chocolate Easter bunny, and then 1lb of English Cadbury chocolate…all in one day? That’s a bit shameful and something that I should feel very guilty about doing, and I do…sort of. I would do it all again if given the opportunity, though.

This chocolate bar is the size of my head...probably bigger. I can eat it in one sitting.

5) Going to school certainly wouldn’t be on most people’s Top 5 Guilty Pleasures List, but it’s on mine. I always enjoyed school when I was younger (although my high school report card would beg to differ), and I still do (I work in a college now). I read a lot (including textbooks…so lame, I know), in my spare time I practice some of the concepts that I’ve learned (who does this?), and I even watch lectures online (again, I ask, who does this??). It’s a guilty pleasure because I’ve worked hard at maintaining my clutsy-blonde reputation and I can’t have a bunch of people thinking that I’m kind of a geek. 😉

Who I am on the inside... (Credit:

6) Glee. Last week at this time, I had no idea what that show was about, nor why anyone would ever want to waste their time watching it. I have now watched the entire first season. The entire first season. In a week. Ridiculous.

7) Eating a Big Mac while watching other people exercise has got to be one of the worst, nay, the most disgusting and the most guiltiest of all my guilty pleasures that I indulge in. It’s so gross, but glorious all at the same time.

Still think I shouldn't feel guilty about eating these things?

So, there you have it. I have just laid my disgusting pleasures out for you all to read….after reading through the list myself, I think I may need some help. Also, a diet-plan and exercise regimen. 😉

(BTW: Although I made fun of EduClaytion and Coccoa at the beginning of this post, I did so as a hypocrite. Froot Loops are still my favourite cereal and I still have my old collection of comic books. Just 2 more to add to the shame…).

How about you? What are your Guilty Pleasures in life? Is there anything that you do/eat/read when you think no one is watching and are ready to finally admit it?


56 Responses to “My Top 7 Guilty Pleasures”

  1. 1 Sumukh

    You could have also mentioned ‘rating your own blogs’. I feel everyone does that.It kind of makes life easier when the site stats do not draw a preety picture 🙂 Great blog as always!Keep it up.

    • Haha! Yes, I can’t believe I forgot that one!! Good job on calling me out on yet another guilty pleasure, Sumukh…

      Thanks for dropping by again and for your kind words! 🙂

      • Haha! And liking your own posts? Don’t judge me! 😀

      • Haha! I love that you like your own posts!! No judgement here – other than judging how awesome that is. 🙂

        Thanks for stopping in again, Kemi! Much appreciated!

      • I read your blog. Very interesting, is ther a class on how to have your own blog? See, very confused. Look at all the things at the bottom of the page.

    • You can rate your own blogs? How did I miss this? Ooo… Thanks for the tip Sumukh and thanks for the guilty pleasures list, PCCA. BTW Big Macs are on my list too. I’m lovin’ it!

      • “Ba da ba ba ba…I’m lovin’ it” ~ that’s my theme song. I sing it out loud while I wipe the Big Mac special sauce from my chin when the joggers pass me. I think they appreciate it.

        Thanks for dropping in and commenting, Aimee! 🙂

  2. We share some of your top 7 pleasures.. chocolate ( even if I shouldn’t do that, cause I’m going each day to gym lol), site stats….

    But please, please! How can you go eating whatever you eat in Mc Donalds, if we can call to that “eat” LOL! Fast food isn’t healthy at all, trust me 😛
    ( I must admit I have also eaten there…but not too often).

    And obviosuly why, I do not share your point 5 LOL! I think university will be better, maybe more work to do, but people become serious and responsable. You meet kind people., I guess.

    See you chris!

    Oh my…have you seen the size of that Big Mac? What a load of cra…p lol! And even knowing that, we still eating it LOL


    • I know! I know! It’s terrible, but I do enjoy eating a Big Mac in front of joggers. I must clarify this, however, by saying that I do not do this often! As soon as I eat a Big Mac, I feel sick and think to myself, “Maybe I should have gone for a jog”. Haha.

      Thanks again for stopping by, Javi! 🙂

  3. Mmmm, Big Macs… So terrible yet so tasty. It’s true, I love my cereal. I love that you watched a season of Glee in a week. I’ve never seen more than a few minutes of that show, but I have definitely devoured large quantities of great shows in short bursts of time.

    • I know. I can’t believe I watched the entire season in a week either. I wasn’t kidding when I said that at this time one week ago, I didn’t know what all the fuss was about and hated that show just because everyone else loved it…that is the honest truth. And now? Now I know all of the characters names and sing along to all of their show tunes. It’s embarrassing, really.

      But, that is what this list is about! I’m confessing here, Clay…don’t make it any harder than it already is. 😉

  4. I’m in my early 40’s & love eating cereal. It is fun to check my blog stats too. Nothing wrong with what you are doing…keep it up.

  5. I just want to say: excellent use of pingback! Also, with the DC relaunch, I’m actually collecting more now than at any time since, well, when I was 14. They got me.

    • I know they do. And it’s cool that you still collect comic books…even though you’re 30. 😉

      I’m such a hypocrite. I still have a ton of comic books from my childhood and I still read them every now and again too. Nothing wrong with that, right?

  6. The great’s medusa, i like it, and maybe you can come to my blog to, or just comment anything, i hope so …
    just click

    or just click my name on this comment…

  7. 20 stayleanandbuilt

    Thanks so much for liking my recent entry! I enjoy reading your posts. I’ve definitely had a few LOL moments haha 🙂

  8. I think you should shorten this list to 6 guilty pleasures and just eat Big Macs and chocolate while watching people exercise. If you really wanted to get crazy about it, you could check your blog stats and troll Craigslist while at school, sitting near people who happen to be exercising, while eating a Big Mac followed by chocolate, listening to Glee songs, and considering what to name the pink crayon on the table. Now that would be the guiltiest multi tasking ever!

    • Ah…yes. Multitasking. Excellent idea! And I probably wouldn’t feel nearly as guilty because I’d have a HUGE sense of accomplishment in doing all of those things at one time, right? 😉

      Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment, Lady ARod!

      • I’m pretty certain if you multitask them, they’re no longer “guilty pleasures.” Then I think they become accomplishments.

        Btw… My guilty pleasure is watching the Jersey Shore. I despise trashy “reaility” shows and do all I can to avoid them, but my boyfriend will turn it on and my eyes stay fixed on the TV. I think a part of me hates myself… 😛

      • YES! I love that you have a guilty pleasure that you should just feel terrible about! No I’m no longer the only one… 😉

        I can’t stand reality shows either because I feel like I’m wasting my life if I even watch them for 4 minutes and I’m sure you feel the same. I’m just so glad that you admitted it on here! And don’t worry about hating yourself over it – every time I eat a Big Mac, I die just a little inside…seriously. It clogs up my arteries with every delicious bite.

        Thanks for dropping in again, Lady ARod!

  9. 26 Mark Thomas

    Loved the last one…so sadistic, and therefore absolutely wonderful!!

    I have thought about leaving my guilty pleasures, but I would like to keep my reputation in tact for the moment. If I win the lottery, I’ll be sure to write ot all down!

    BTW, I have just written an article about the changing symbols that identify nations:

    If you have a couple of minutes, I would welcome your comments. One Canadian has already talked about the maple leaf.

    Keep writing these these great articles…they are lots of fun! 🙂

    • Well, I’m just glad that someone else out there is praising me for my Big Mac pleasure…I now feel justified. 😉 The moment that you win the lottery, I’m going to hold you to your promise, Mark…you can bet on that!

      I’ll be sure to drop by your site! Can’t wait to read that article! Thanks again for kind words, Mark! 🙂

  10. Haha I love the habit about eating a big mac while watching others exersice.. do they watch you eat it as well?
    If so Id love to see their face expressions

    • Yes, they do, but they look at my Big Mac and either want to chuck it in the garbage or steal it from me and eat it themselves…

      Thanks for stopping by, Lady bonbon! 🙂

  11. I didn’t know there was such a thing as “missed connections” I totally want to have fun with that. 😛

    My guilty pleasure of late has been vanilla ice cream topped with natural peanut butter, cashews or almonds, and chocolate syrup.

    Oh and this hummus I make. And site stats. 😀

    • Most people actually don’t know about the “Missed Connections” portion of Craigslist either; someone once told me about over a year ago, and I’ve been sort of hooked ever since. You definitely have to get on that bandwagon! It’s so ridiculous but so addictive…haha.

      Ice cream and hummus? Not so bad, Mitchell. Now, if you put the hummus on top of your ice cream, that would be disgusting and one that would make me feel better about eating Big Macs and pounds of chocolate…get on that, would ya? 😉

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting again, Mitchell!

      • It WOULD be fun to make up some things in the “missed connections” just to see what happens but I would feel bad if I messed with someone too much. 😀 Maybe I will mess with you.

        [Missed connections-Toronto] You were eating a Big Mac and I was jogging. I stopped to help an elderly lady who was hit by a car and you just sat there eating, playing with your hair. You had a pretty smile but seemed more interested in your blog traffic than the poor lady who was badly bleeding. If you remember me please respond. Signed-dark haired hero. Muhahahaha

        I really like hummus. I make some great stuff. I bought <a href=<Cuisinart food processor so I can make a large amount of it and give it out. Everyone loves it. The ice cream I have to settle down on. I could eat it as the meal, not just for dessert. bleh


      • Dark Hero, it is true that I was more interested in my blog traffic than road traffic, but you will have to forgive me. I saw the lady, but I had my face shoved into a chocolate Easter bunny, and between that and my Big Mac, I wasn’t able to do anything to help; my hands were tied. So, I just watched it all happen…it was my entertainment since Glee wasn’t on until later that night.

  12. My current Guilty feeling- I read the blog, LIKED, FOLLWED too.. Will PCC also does the same? Why Not 😉 … ha ha.. I really liked the way you started, narrated and explained… 🙂 Keep blogging.. God Bless & Good Luck!

  13. 36 youhadmeathelloxp

    I loved this post!!! I actually think i lol’d. I share most of these guilty pleasures with you. Especially the Glee one. When i had first heard about glee, i thought it was the stupidest thing ever, and i didnt understand why people liked it so much. My whole opinion changed when my little sister forced me to go with her to see the Glee movie, and i fell in love, I can proudly say that i am and obsessed Glee fan (L) 🙂

    • Okay, good…I’m glad at least ONE person has admitted to being a Gleek now! It took all that I had to write those words down because I’ve been making fun of the people who watch that show for a while now…and now I’m one of them. Ridiculous.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and for your very kind words, youhadme! 🙂

  14. Busy blogger, the lady is fine, only a few minor scrapes. Turns out she owns a huge stake in McDonalds. She says I can have all the Big Macs I want, so long as I don’t share any with the “chocolate girl’. Better send her a note with some flowers. Hate to see all these burgers go to waste.

    • That’s cool. I’ll just steal her hamburgers while she’s in the hospital. I’m sure she won’t have a problem with that, right?

      • Well being the nice chap I am, and those would be MY burgers you would be stealing, I guess I can ‘throw you a bone’ so you don’t have to steal them. Hate to see you breaking one of the commandments. :p But you have to comment on my blog.

      • Haha…well, thanks for that!

  15. Fun post.

    I do your #4 as well. It can be entertaining and a little scary learning why people visit a site. Star Wars bedsheets are def cool.

    • Honestly, it’s my favourite part about having a blog…I love the randomness of it.

      And, yes, no matter what age you are, Star Wars bed sheets are cool. You can use The Force to clean them.

  16. Love it! ♥ I actually paste the crazy searches into Google to see if I can get my page to come up (while I’m logged in of course so I don’t skew the stats). 🙂

    • I do that too!!! Oh, so happy that I’m not the only one who does this… 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment, Anne!

  17. 46 Deborah the Closet Monster

    I love your #7 so much! I’ve never done that, but reading about it fills me with glee.

    I, too, check my site stats a few times a day to see if I’ll finally get something really bizarre, but so far it’s been a no-go.

    I was on the verge of typing that I couldn’t think of my guilty pleasures when it occurred to me I’m indulging in one right now: kicking back in bed, commenting and half-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs. This in turn led me to another: ordering Thai food just for the Dr. Pepper after my little one’s gone to bed. Ridiculous, but warranted on occasion. 🙂

    • Yes, my #7 is probably the most shameful of all of my guilty pleasures, but, for some reason, it seems to be everyone’s favourite!
      If you haven’t received anything strange on your site stats search, then just wait…it will happen. I can guarantee it. Every single day, I have really weird ones and, to be honest, it’s my favourite part of having a blog…haha.

      I think you should live it up with your guilty pleasure…it’s not that terrible, you know! Well, except for the Dr. Pepper thing…you should feel ashamed about that. 😉

      Thanks for dropping in and taking the time to comment, Deborah!

  18. Fantastic post! Hopfully this will initiate a posting ripple-effect and bloggers everywhere will admit to their top-secret habits.
    Three of mine are:
    1. I listen to Selena Gomez’s song “Love You Like A Love Song” frequently.
    2. I visit antique stores at least three times every week.
    3. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. I tell myself that if I eat chocolate with strawberries then I’ve obviously made a no-no into an oh-yes but, alas, I know this is not true…

    • Well, the only item on that list that you should be ashamed of is the first one. I’m surprised that you even admitted to that… 😉

      As for the chocolate, that’s certainly not a bad thing. You see, when you dip strawberries into chocolate, it suddenly becomes a healthy food. Fruit is part of one of the 4 major food groups, you know…

      Thanks for dropping by and admitting to your shameless indulgences, Classic! 🙂

      • Ummmmm. Every Friday I do a post on Guilty Pleasure songs – many of which as embarrassing as Selena Gomez. Hey Classic – say it loud and say it proud!

        I too read my site stats religiously. I get about 10 visits a day for people searching on Fergie’s Maxim pictures. Oh well, at least they’re visiting…


      • Fergie’s Maxim pictures?? That’s hilarious!! Such randomness, eh?

        As for Selena Gomez, you should be ashamed of that guilty pleasure…absolutely ashamed. 😉

        Thanks so much for stopping by, Hedonist!

  19. Fruit Loops, right from the box, no milk, is one of my favorite snacks. I also get up in the middle of the night and eat ice cream, with a tablespoon, standing up in the kitchen. If I weren’t a vegetarian I’d probably be eating at McDonald’s twice a week, even though I still vividly remember that disgusting feeling immediately after a quarter-pounder and fries.

    You have a great writing style and an honest voice. I like your blog.

    • Yes, I also eat Froot Loops straight from the box. No spoon. No utensil whatsoever. Just my hands. It’s glorious.

      I don’t really like ice cream all that much, but I will say that one of my ALL TIME guilty pleasures is eating Nutella straight from the jar with a spoon…in the middle of my kitchen. I guess we have something in common there, after all. 😉

      McDonald’s is disgusting, but so delicious. I’m pretty sure that the fact that you’re a vegetarian has saved your life. I should probably become a vegetarian too *stuffs last bit of a McChicken into mouth*

      Thanks so much for your very kind words, BronxBoy…they mean a lot coming from you! 🙂

  20. “Going through my Site Stats” – We ALL do this! Im amazed by the fact a post I wrote last year still gets hits EVERY SINGLE DAY because it features “French Food At Home” chef Laura Calder and her crazy breasts!
    Seriously , I get search engine hits from “Laura Calder breasts” every day without fail!
    And “Eating a Big Mac while watching other people exercise” is hilarious!
    You rock, girl!

    • I’ve found that in coming clean with my guilty pleasures that other people are more prone to be honest about theirs as well. I’ve found that many people have supported me in my pleasure of eating Big Macs and watching other people exercise. I’ve found out that I’m certainly not the only person who does and feels so good about it.

      I think I should start a support group…maybe call it, “Big Mac-ers Are Big Slackers” or something like that…haven’t decided yet.

      As always, thanks Hook!

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