Things That Made Me Realise That I’m Kind of a Nerd…


Last Friday, I had a revelation. I’m kind of a nerd.

At my college , we have a free Aptitude Assessment that we offer to potential students so that they may gain a better understanding of which area of I.T. they may best be suited for (I.T. Engineering, Programming, etc.).

Well, for some reason, I got it into my head that I’d like to do the assessment.

I’ve always been told that I should work with people because I’m more of the out-going type; from what I’ve seen of programmers, they’re more introverted. “Obviously”, I said to myself, “I am not a programmer. Programmers are usually awesome nerds. I’m not awesome and I’m not a nerd, therefore, I’m not a programmer.”

Apparently, I was wrong. I did the test and it said that I am well-suited to be a computer programmer.

Once I received my results, I began wondering if I even know who I really am. Apparently, I’m a nerd and I never realised it before. “How is that possible??”, I thought to myself. Then, when I really started to break it down, I realised that I am, in fact, a huge nerd. Here’s why:

1 ) I love Star Wars.

I have watched each of the films numerous times and can quote them verbatim. I am also very picky about which episodes count as the real Star Wars (Hint: I only like episodes 4-6. Episodes 1-3 assaulted my eyes and ears with its horribleness).

This is about the greatest popsicle that I've ever seen in my life. (Photo Credit:

2 ) The first time that I watched Big Bang Theory, I completely identified with Sheldon.

I, too, have a spot on the couch that I have claimed and never want anyone else to sit on. It is equidistant from the fridge and the TV, and ensures optimum temperature is met year round.

You're in my seat...

3 ) I have a blog.

(Oh, relax…we’re all huge nerds for having blogs…)

Sort of what I look like...minus the beard. The rest is pretty much dead-on.

4 ) I would rather contact my friends via social networking sites than actually call them.

This either means I’m a nerd or that I’m anti-social. Wait…maybe that’s the same thing…

This is why I think I, too, should marry a computer programmer...I'd never need to interact with another human face-to-face ever again. Not even to get married. (Source:

5 ) I found an online nerd test and took it.

It said that I wasn’t all that cool. That’s pretty definitive.

I'm sure the test would've said that Clark Kent was a nerd too, but he did some rather cool things. I can do them too...I just need the tights. I already have the cape. (Source:

6 ) I sympathise with Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

Yeah...I agree, Comic Book Guy. I agree. (Source:


7 ) I appreciate people who have taken the time to learn Elvish.

While in university, I found out that one of my professors was a huge Lord of the Rings fan and spoke Elvish. I once asked him to demonstrate his mad Elvish skills in class. In front of other people. And then praised his ability. In front of other people.

Who wouldn't think this is cool?! Umm...what? No one else does? Just me then?

8 ) I like puzzles.

I buy books from Chapters that have nothing but puzzles and brain teasers in them. I actually pay money for these books.

This. This is what I'm talking about.

9 ) I have a hard time watching films that are scientifically inaccurate.

I then point out the inaccuracies to the people that are watching the movie with me. For some reason, people don’t like this.

NASA has found over 168 scientific errors in Armageddon. I have found 172. Also, the space suits are lame.

10 ) If someone says or does something that I don’t like, I try to use The Force on them.

This proves especially effective when someone tries to steal my candy.

I'm all, "These are not the chocolate bars you're looking for..."

11 ) I can do this:


12 ) I know what “Ubuntu” means. opposed to...?

13 ) I classify the dictionary as “light reading material”.

When I learn a new word, I try to use it in everyday conversation at least 3 times that day: “I don’t find what you’re saying to be cogent, but I will grant you clemency for being so capricious” (I also like to alliterate as much as possible).

This photo just screams "exciting reading". (Source:

14 ) I frequently begin my stories with, “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

And when I say that, I gesture towards the sky with my hand. In slow motion.

If I could, I would start all of my blog posts like this...(Source:

15 ) My favourite candy is Nerds.

Again, pretty definitive.

*Sigh*....I love these things.

I have always had mad respect for nerds (computer programmers, math whizzes, child prodigies of any kind, really)…probably because I consider my brother to be a nerd. I’m all, “You’re such a nerd. You’re brilliant, talented in everything, fluent in C++, people love you, you’re hilarious, and you have a beautiful family. Pfft. Nerd.”

And then I realise that I’m none of those things and question the whole legitimacy of my nerdiness…

Do you consider yourself a nerd?

Are there things in your life that make you a nerd?

Do you think the author of this post should take up computer programming? Is loving Star Wars enough to classify her as an awesome nerd?




91 Responses to “Things That Made Me Realise That I’m Kind of a Nerd…”

  1. 1 OracularSpectacular

    I’m not a nerd; but I do love the Big Bang theory and have a blog…..

    • Well, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you’re kind of a nerd. πŸ˜‰

      Just a bit, though. Not nearly as big of a nerd as I am.

      Thanks so much for dropping in, Oracular! Much appreciated!

  2. I personally do not believe that it is nerdy to eat the vegetables in one’s soup, in alphabetical order. πŸ˜‰

    • Neither do I. I also don’t think it’s nerdy to eat them in order as can be found on the periodic timetable.

      Not nerdy at all…

  3. I don’t consider myself a nerd anymore. I wrote a program to consider the possibility for me.

    Haha, guess what my day job is?

    [wave of cloaked hand] These are not the awesome nerds you’re looking for. One of these days you’re going to see yourself through my eyes and be blown away at what an awesome nerd I think you are. Programming is like using a foreign language as an art medium. It’s fun!

    I’ll resist the book of comments and just leave these:

    Armageddon inaccuracy #173: Bruce Willis gets blown up at the end a movie. Nuh uhh…

    You had me laughing all the way through again, BUT… I don’t believe Nerds are really your favorite candy. πŸ™‚

    • Aha!! I knew there was a reason why I liked you, Annie…you’re a programming nerd! So awesome! πŸ˜€

      Okay, so I guess you’re in favour of me becoming a programmer then? Hmmm…*strokes chin*…I’m thinking that I’d like to become proficient in Java. Probably the coolest language EVA!! (<—- wow…that was so geeky).

      Armageddon inaccuracy #174 – Bruce Willis gets blown up at the end of a movie…and Ben Affleck doesn't. Nuh uhh…

      Thanks for dropping in again, Annie! Always a pleasure to have you here!! πŸ˜€

      P.S. If chocolate doesn't count as candy, then Nerds are, in fact, my favourite candy. Love 'em.

    • You could argue that chocolate is a divine experience that transcends mere candy, I guess.

      • That is my argument. Done and done.

      • LOL! “Done” is SO the wrong choice of words! I have two quick questions… 1) Can I use your name in one of my stories (I haven’t seen it in your blog, eh)? 2) Is Watermelon/Wild Cherry okay?

      • Lol! Yes, apparently it is the wrong word! Okay, first off, of course you can use my name in one of your stories! That would be amazing, Annie!! πŸ˜€ Secondly, Watermelon is my all-time favourite flavour. Ever. As in, ever. So, yeah, that’s okay! πŸ™‚

      • Oooh! I’m so excited!! I’m going to read it right now! πŸ˜€ Thanks Annie!

      • The Write Wednesdays prompt this week (I know it’s Friday) is “What has been your favorite job so far? If you haven’t had one yet, what would it be?” I bet you could write something really cool that compares your favorite job to what you thought it would be when you hadn’t had one yet.

      • Oooh…that’s a good one, Annie! I’m going to have think about that one! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the idea!

        But, just as a teaser for that post, I’ll just say that, so far, my favourite job has been: housesitter. You don’t have to do any work, you eat other people’s food, and for some reason, they pay you for it.

        Best. Job. Ever.

  4. I may be a nerd too. I have my “special seat” on the couch and totally LOVE Star Wars as well.

    Just LOVE your blog. Always hilarious and insightful!

    • Oh Davonne…we were always meant to be friends. It’s hard to find another woman who appreciates Star Wars on the level that I do.

      Thanks so much for your kind words! Very much appreciated!! πŸ˜€

  5. 17 Storm Rider

    lol… loved this post!

    • Well, once I realise something about myself, I find it imperative to share that knowledge with the blogosphere. For some reason, I believe other people will care…

      Thanks so much for stopping in and for your kind words, Storm Rider! Greatly appreciated! πŸ˜‰

  6. 19 brotheramun

    This is one of the funniest posts I have read.

    “Once I received my results, I began wondering if I even know who I really am. Apparently, I’m a nerd and I never realised it before. β€œHow is that possible??” ….after reading this I couldn’t stop laughing.

    • I am now embracing my nerdiness. It’s who I am and I’m proud of it. A little shocked, yes, but proud…

      Thanks so much for dropping in, brotheramun! I appreciate your support of my geekdom. πŸ˜‰

  7. You are hilarious! Are nerds allowed to be this funny on purpose?

    Once upon a time, there was an expansive void between the area of nerd and the land of average human beings. Technology has since bridged that gap, much to the relief of nerds around the globe. However, there is a certain sense of loss. Now we know how to sound cool and speak without the use of our fumbling oratorical skills – but we’ve sacrificed the ‘nerd holy ground’ in the process. An exclusive nerd collective has been replaced with very specific classes of nerds with subcategories and special titles for each sub-niche along the way. There is a flavor of nerd for everyone these days!

    Anyhow, if you enjoy British comedy, you should check out The IT Crowd.

    • Well, I think that we nerds just like to say it like it is and hope that people respect us for our mad programming skills, gaming skills, bowhunting skills, etc. πŸ˜‰

      And, being Canadian, of course I like British comedy (most of us Canadians do)! I am definitely doing to check out that show!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit again, Mediaudio! Your comments are always hilarious! πŸ™‚

  8. So specical posting …I am also a nerd too.

  9. I took one of those tests. It said I should be a shepherd.

  10. I must be a nerd. I do 80% of the things you listed above. lol. Great Post

    • You’re only just slightly nerdy. Take comfort in the fact that you do not do all of them…like I do. Such a nerd.

      Thanks for dropping in and taking the time to comment, GWOP! Greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚

  11. hilarious! I’m frustrated because according to you I’m not really a nerd… -.-
    But as you describe it being a nerd is pretty cool πŸ˜‰ Great post again, very funny! thanks for posting!

    • Yeah, being a nerd is rather awesome. You should work on your nerdiness so that you can join us. Perhaps you could learn HTML, grow a rat tail (you remember that hairstyle?), or have a Star Wars marathon this weekend…just some ideas for you. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks so much for coming by again, Elbrigaking! As you know, I very much appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  12. 32 jakesprinter

    I Love this entry beautful πŸ™‚

    • Thanks very much, Jake! I have to say, after writing it, I have embraced my nerdiness more than I ever thought would be humanly possible. πŸ˜‰

  13. 34 TDot

    We have to have respect for the nerds because, after all, they control the world! πŸ™‚

    • That’s very true. Well, at least according to us nerds it is…

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, TDot! I always appreciate support from other nerds. πŸ˜‰

  14. β€œI’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.”

    I think having our own blogs demonstrates that we genuinely believe the assembled virtual masses deserve to hear our thoughts on everything. That behaviour is the calling card of the egomaniacal narcissist, not the nerd.

    Thanks for a thoroughly amusing post – I found myself asking several times β€œI’m not THAT bad, am I?”

    • LOL!! Do you know that I almost put that quotation into this post?! Oh, now I wish I had.

      Yes, you’re right; having our own blogs really does make us egomaniacal narcissists, but I think we need to tack “nerds” onto the end of that label as well. After all, our blogs make us spend far too much of our spare time with our computers. Sometimes, we prefer our virtual friends to our real-life friends. (No? Then it’s just me again, then?) πŸ˜‰

      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit, read, and comment, DisseminatedThought! Your words are greatly appreciated! πŸ˜€

      • You make a strong argument for the “nerd” tag. Oh dear: egomaniacal, narcissistic nerds. That sounds scary.

        Looking forward to reading new posts, as well as making my way through the older ones!

      • Trust me. It is scary.

        Thanks again, Disseminatedthought…you have, once again, reinforced my narcissistic nerd status. πŸ˜‰

  15. 40 sportsattitudes

    I don’t consider myself a Nerd but find myself enjoying Nerd-associated elements of life (including Big Bang Theory)…so ultimately I have great respect for all Nerds. I will defend Nerds to the death, even though I don’t quite relate to the depth of the love for the Star Wars films (then again, I saw them ALL…albeit only ONCE). I fear if lightsabers were really real I’d really be in jail for real. Waiving it from my car, I would set out on a one-man crusade to rid the world of all road evil. Computer “stuff” is so fluid and changeable it is hard to always have your arms around the updates, upgrades, new technology introductions, etc. Best you enjoy the relative safety of Star Wars (and the Big Bang Theory) from your special seat on your favorite couch.

    • “I don’t consider myself a Nerd but find myself enjoying Nerd-associated elements of life” ~ probably about the best line I’ve ever read in my life. That just needed to be said.

      Okay, so if you can’t understand why Star Wars is amazing, then you are clearly not a nerd; it is the defining quality that separates the somewhat cool people from the nerds (each are awesome in their own ways). I can’t believe you’ve only seen Star Wars once…do you realise just how much you’re missing out in life?? I think I had seen all 3 of the original episodes by the time I was 10 at least 4 times. I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve seen them now. They’re on SpikeTV every weekend so I watch them pretty often (i.e. almost every weekend. Lame, I know).

      If lightsabers were real, I’d end up in jail as well because with it, I would slash the tires of anyone who cuts me off in the middle of a traffic jam.

      I’d be all, “To the back of the line, you must go. Cut me off again, you will not.” ~ in my best Yoda voice. And then I’d use The Force to raise their car and drop it all the way in the back.

      Thanks for stopping in again, Sports! As always, your comments are hilarious! πŸ™‚

  16. Wow, you really are a nerd! I thought I would come here and be able to relate, but you’re not even close to cool. πŸ˜‰ Kidding, except for the Elvish part.

    • I know, Clay. It’s true. All along, I thought that I was at least slightly cool hip sick rad cool (is that what the kids are saying these days? Cool? I dunno…), but I really am not. And you know what? I embrace my nerdiness…probably only because I have to, though. πŸ˜‰

      P.S. Even I am embarrassed about the Elvish stuff. I mean, who does that?? *Points thumbs to self* This guy does, that’s who.
      P.P.S. I wrote such a lovely message on your blog for your b-day and here you are calling me a nerd on mine. You should feel bad, Clay…really, really bad. πŸ˜‰
      P.P.P.S. You’re a college professor. Biggest nerd there is…do you wear tweed jackets with suede patches on the elbows? Ha…nerd.

  17. oh no.. I also like most of the stuff… that means…
    well… who doesnt love big bang theory~ lol

    • It’s okay, Roniel. I know it can be a bit of a shock once you realise that you’re kind of a nerd, but once the dust settles, you realise that nerds are way cooler than anyone else. I mean, just look at Sheldon Cooper. People love him, right?

      Thanks for stopping by again! By the way, so glad you were FP’d again this week! πŸ˜€

  18. One hell of a entertaining post πŸ™‚

  19. Nice meeting you here PCC. Everyone of us should get in touch with their inner-nerd once in awhile! LOL!

    John D. Heaton III a.k.a. The Conservative Hillbilly

    • Agreed! The problem is that I am constantly in touch with my inner nerd…it never leaves. I am a constant nerd.

      Thanks for stopping by again, Hill Billy! πŸ˜‰

  20. What is interesting is, that others say I am in touch with my IN, when I really am being cool. I guess cool/nerdiness is in the eye of the beholder.

  21. I may be saying this only because I am a nerd, but nerds are awesome. And so are you. (Based on what I have read anyway.)

    • Well, that’s very kind of you to say, Adam! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

      Suddenly, I’m feeling all warm and tingly in my nerd-heart…

  22. There’s no doubt that you’re a Nerd!! πŸ˜€
    I will take the nerd-quiz now to see if I’m a nerd or not, lol

    • Yeah, I know. I’ve learned to love being a nerd. In all honesty, it’s rather awesome. Geek-chic is all the rage, so apparently, I fit right in now… πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for stopping in, Kim! Much appreciated!

      P.S. I hope the test says that you’re a WAY bigger nerd than I am… πŸ˜‰

  23. Nerds rock – especially nerds like you!

  24. I discovered I was nerd because I love writing in web code and the design part of websites. I remember when I was first called a geek, I was pissed. But I had to think about it.. I am one. And ever since then I embraced it and prefer to be called sexy geek LOL. Loved this post

    • Welcome to the nerd family, my friend. It’s shocking once you realise you’re a geek, but it’s also pretty fantastic.

      I like that you consider yourself a sexy geek because I know that those exist (they’re everywhere)…I’m just not one of them.

      Alas, I am but a clumsy nerd. And I’ve learned to be okay with that…until you sexy geeks come along and show me up. Not cool, man. Not cool. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for stopping in, PureComplex! I appreciate you taking the time to read through and comment! πŸ™‚

  25. I am a nerd but programming really isn’t my thing. I just get annoyed with it like I did when trying to learn French.

    The Armageddon caption was good, I liked that.

    To be honest I find it hard to believe that certain women are geeks in this sense. My first IT job was in a call centre and my God… some of the freaks we ended up with…

    The bloke who didn’t wash but insisted on wearing beige trousers that were too small for him. Dirty people shouldn’t wear white or biege, especially when the biege is on something that is worn every day and never gets to see the inside of a washing machine.

    Or the weird hippy bloke who kept huge crates of Coke cans under his desk and didn’t drink anything… because he read that the water companies put estrogen in the water supply and he didn’t want excess female hormones in his body.

    • Well, I can promise you that I bathe and wash my clothes on a regular basis, but I am still a nerd.

      If you’re able to program, I already think that you’re pretty cool. Very geek-chic. Even if you don’t like to do it, I still have mad respect for your skills.

      As for the Coke can guy, I think I’d like to meet him. He just sounds like someone that I would never get tired of talking to…a fascinating fellow.

      Thanks for dropping in again, Michael! Always love your comments! πŸ˜‰

  26. 62 rsmithing

    Just gotta say: great post; made me smile! πŸ™‚ I discovered this after seeing you liked one of my blog posts.

    So yes, it appears I’m a blogger posting a comment about a blog to a blogger who visited my blog. Being a nerd is awesome.

    • So, it’s 9:30 on a Saturday morning, and the first thing I wanted to do was check my blog. Total nerd.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop in, take a read, and comment, Rsmithing! Greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚

      • 64 rsmithing

        Bwahahah! Yeah, guess I should get up and start the day, too. πŸ™‚

  27. Haha, always a treat to read your posts.

    I actually took the nerd test, i’m a low ranking one, but i couldn’t stand onething in the test, they put Google Chrome in the ‘Other’ category of browsers?!!. Not acceptable :D.

    You should definitely take programming πŸ˜›

    • I love that you took the test!! πŸ˜€ Okay, I know that it ranked you as a fairly low rated nerd, but the fact that you think Google Chrome should have its own category bumps you up in the nerd ranking. Love it. Also, I’m pretty sure that I scored way higher than you did on the test…I have no doubt, in fact. They told me that I’m a straight up nerd.

      Also, I might be kind of intrigued by programming now…thanks for the encouragement, Ibrahim. πŸ˜‰

      • Hey how didn’t i think of that?!. Should i congratulate you on being a straight up nerd? haha.

        You’re welcome, keep posting!.

  28. There are 10 kinds of people in this world:
    Those who know binary code and those who don’t.

    • Haha!! Would you believe that I was going to use that quotation as the title of this post?! I actually typed it all in and then found it was just too long to do it.

      Honestly, that’s probably one of my favourite nerd quotations ever! Hilarious!

      Thanks so much for stopping in again, Stephen! Much appreciated! πŸ™‚

  29. awesome, awesome post.I so must be a nerd, i got all the refs lol, you just made my pimped out press page…

    Thanks for the laughs and the persective on us nerds.

    • Well, thanks very much Klextin! I like to think that I’m the voice of nerd everywhere…now that I finally realise that I am one. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks so much for dropping by and for your very kind words! It’s greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚

  30. PCC, this is VERY funny! I stumbled on your blog after *hours*, er, minutes of scanning the blog realm (see I don’t speak SW, or nerd!).

    I’m afraid I’m guilty as charged on all counts above, except I couldn’t be a programmer – I’m just not smart enough! Stick to blogging, I will! hehehe

    I’m stalki… , I mean following you now. πŸ˜‰

    • Well, I happened to write this post after hours minutes of obsessing over what a geek I am and scouring the blogosphere to ensure that there were others out there just like me somewhere.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment, Mjmonaghan…I always like to have stalkers followers added to the team. πŸ˜‰

  31. I’m neither a geek or a nerd… I could be a gerd though but I don’t know what that is yet… I’m confused! Love the ice pop!

    • The very fact that you were able to come up with the word “gerd” proves that you are, in fact, a nerd.

      Embrace it.

      Thanks for stopping in for a visit, Val! It’s greatly appreciated! πŸ˜‰

  32. I, too, am a full on Star Wars nerd…and I am a wedding blogger for goodness sake!

    My wedding/Star Wars connection: I met my husband dressed as Princess Leia – cinnamon bun look – but with a white fur trimmed minidress and go-go boots- kind of Leia goes to the disco on Hoth. My future husband (age 8 in ’77) was a goner.

    In any case – thanks for liking my post about winter wedding attire, hope you’ll keep reading!


    • Seriously? Cinnamon bun hair? Oh, you’re a way bigger nerd than I am! *Secretly wishing that I knew how to make my hair look like that too…*

      Thanks for dropping by, Dinah! Much appreciated! πŸ˜‰

  33. Hmm. You surely are a nerd. I mean, your like the friggin’ Nerdermiester (A Google search confirms that I coined that term. I’m now in the process of buying rights to it. And I’m looking into alternate spellings… seeing as how I own it and all).

    I, however, have just come here direct from my blog page where all the jocks and cheerleaders hang out. And elvish is cool! It’s like the new Pig Latin. Anyone who wasn’t in on the Pig Latin days simply wasn’t part of the “inhay owdcray”.

    Oh! Tu shay!

    I would even venture to say that it is, in part, shameless nerdliness not unlike your own which has caused us groovy bloggers to reach epic nerdstrom status through the eyes of most non-bloggers.

    Damn nerds.

    Dinkerson, signing off.

    • You’re right…I am the Nerdermiester! So embarrassing…and yet I feel somewhat elated that someone had to coin a term to describe me.

      Thanks for stopping in again, Dinkerson! Just don’t go hatin’ on all the nerds.

      Peace out (<— is that still cool to say? No? What do the kids say these days? I dunno. I'm so not cool.)

      • I think most of them just click the close button. I just took a test on a nerd testing website. It asked a lot of questions that I didn’t understand, then it said that I was only a wannabe. Only 2% of people who took the test scored lower than I did.


      • Well, maybe you don’t classify as a true nerd. Maybe there are different categories, like “Dork”, “Geek”, and “Lame-O”. Perhaps you fit into one of those…

        Phew! Glad I’m not one of those! *Goes online to shop for Star Wars memorabilia and to check nerd status*

  34. Ain’t nothing wrong with a gal who loves Star Wars! You’re stock just went WAY up in my book!

  35. That’s hilarious that you use The Force on people. I’ve done Jedi Mind tricks at work sometimes also. Surprisingly, people are so confused sometimes that it works!

    I also took the nerd assessment once but I didn’t rank that nerdily. I was okay with that. I think you lose some points on that thing for being active and social and knowing about normal things. (at least that was my memory of the one I took).

    So you probably already know some html. Going to get into some Javascript or C++ or something..? You know you want to! πŸ˜‰

    • Well, I thought that I was active and social and knew normal things, but apparently I’m still quite a nerd. I guess I should start watching TMZ more often…maybe that will bring down my nerdiness.

      Thanks for dropping by again, David! As always, your comments are greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚

  36. Guess I’m late in happening upon this, and don’t feel like reading all the comments….

    Has anyone mentioned the distinction between “geek” and “nerd”? Many different views of it can be found at urban dictionary, not that that’s much of an authority.

    …but it seems you’re citing some geeky characteristics as evidence of nerdiness.

    As I understand it, Trekkies are geeks, NASA engineers are nerds. The same person can be both, of course.

    • True. And I am that person. Geek + Nerd = me.

      Thanks for stopping in, Kitchenmudge…it’s always nice to have new people drop in and throw their 2 cents in. Much appreciated! πŸ™‚

  37. Fantastic post! Unleash the inner nerd/geek, let it fly!

  38. cool.. am hence proved .. not a NERD..,, good one .

    • Well, it appears as though you are one of the lucky ones, Venugopinath…most of here are bona fide nerds. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for stopping in!

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