Do You Even Know What “Bah Humbug” Means?


Dear Readers,

This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Houses are lit up with the glow of Christmas lights, shops are open 24 hours a day, colourful wrapping paper and bows adorn the boxes underneath the tree, and people are quite jolly (<— have you ever noticed that no one ever uses that word the other 11 months out of the year?). Yes, it’s a magical time indeed!

Walken in a Winter Wonderland...

So, why do I feel like such a bah humbug? (In my family, we use the term as a noun to describe someone who has issues with the holidays…it’s carries more impact, we find).

It’s because there are certain things that happen during Christmas that only happen during Christmas. These are the things that drive me crazy…and if you’re being honest, you’ll admit that they drive you mad as well.  I’m sure that you’re probably sitting at your desk right now saying to yourself, “Now what could PCC be talking about? What on earth would bother her so much that she would feel the need to write about it? And I’m sure that I don’t feel the same way about the holidays as she does!”

Really? How do you feel about this stuff:

1 )  People who decorate the trees outside of their house but only decorate it halfway up the tree – either finish it or pick a smaller tree.
2 ) People who say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” instead of “Merry Christmas”
3 ) People, in general
4 )  The fake smell of pine
5 ) Christmas shoppers
6 ) Trying to find parking anywhere, at any time of day, during the entire season
7 ) People who wear Christmas sweaters
8 ) Presents that are not perfectly square — otherwise they’re difficult to wrap
9 ) Running out of tape, mid-present wrap
10 ) People who put those massive inflatable Santa Clauses or nativity scenes on their front lawns

Who looks at this stuff and says, "Ah yes! Precisely what I've been looking for!"

11 ) Tiny stockings – they should be proportionate to your fireplace
12 ) People who wear Christmas earrings (the shapes of trees, Christmas lights, candy canes, etc. Any other annoying shape, really)
13 ) Getting the meat sweats from eating too much turkey (so gross)
14 ) Falling asleep on the couch because of the meat sweats (so gross and lazy)
15 ) Getting socks or underwear as a gift
16 ) Made-for-TV Christmas movies
17 ) Santa Clauses with fake beards

I'd cry too, kid. That beard is horrendous.

18 ) Elves
19 ) Jingle bells on doorknobs (are you listening here, Mom?)
20 ) Musical ornaments
21 ) Mistletoe (c’mon…no one actually likes that)
22 )The song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” (perhaps the worst Christmas song ever recorded)

Since my brother is about the biggest bah humbug there is, I asked him his thoughts on the matter. These are the things that he added to the list (within about 37 seconds of me asking him, I might add…):
1 ) Pulling out small decorations and littering the house with them
2 ) Christmas lights (on garland or for the tree) that burn out and you have to search which bulb(s) went

3 ) Parking lots
4 ) Aggressive people fighting to buy a limited stock item (or, on the flip-side, re-gifting)
5 ) Boxing day chaos
6 ) Faded lights on houses (<— my personal favourite of his entire list)
7 ) Unpacking Christmas decorations – too messy
8 ) Traveling between many homes for dinners/to visit family
9 ) Packing Christmas gifts to celebrate Christmas away from home
10 ) Gluttonous consumer spending (okay, too serious, but true)

But, the one that tops my list (so much so that I needed to make it a separate point/sentence) is when people use the term “Bah Humbug” without even knowing  what the term actually means. (You want to click on that link so badly, don’t you? Even if you already know the many meanings of the word “humbug”, you still want to. It’s okay…I did too.) 😉

Did you know that these are also called humbugs?

So, now that I’ve aired my grievances about the holidays, I feel compelled to tell you that, as much as these things bother me, it’s totally worth putting up with them! (Except for the Christmas sweater one). Christmas is awesome.

I’m just being a Scrooge right now because I’m the only one at my college today as I don’t start my holidays until next week. I’m just ranting because I’m jealous that I don’t start my holidays for a couple of days. By this time next week, I will look like this:

Me, in a couple of days...minus the man, but including the goat. (Photo Credit: John Keatley)

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! 😀

What bothers you most about the holidays?

What does the ugliest Christmas sweater you’ve ever seen/worn look like?

Do you know of an efficient way to untangle Christmas tree lights?

Can you please come to my office to keep me company until my holidays begin?

66 Responses to “Do You Even Know What “Bah Humbug” Means?”

  1. People generally piss me off all year round – the holiday season just exacerbates the dislike.

  2. The ugliest sweater I’ve ever seen, hands down, is the guy with the sweater/vest combo above. I think it’s the fact that he decided to layer the atrocities is what makes it really bad. No grown man should ever have a bear soldier on his clothes. Ever.

    I hate shi**y lights. People who put them up with no type of color scheme or thought process. My neighbor has multi colored twinkling lights AND clear ones around her garage as well as some icicle lights. In the same mismatched strand. I think she might be a hoarder and those were the only lights she could find.

    • Oh my…you have no idea how much I just laughed at your comment! First of all, “No grown man should ever have a bear soldier on his clothes. Ever.” is my favourite line that anyone has ever said to me this holiday season so far. Brilliant.

      Secondly, the mismatched lights drive me crazy too! If you have LED lights, then stick with them…don’t put up your old lights from 1984 as well. And either they all blink or none of them do. That’s the rule.

      Thanks so much for stopping in, YB! You certainly made me laugh on a day when I needed it! 🙂

  3. Ha! This is great. I thought surely you would come up with a Christmas post (considering that everybody else on wordpress has), and I thought that it would probably be a good one.
    Doesn’t it seem like number two and number three in your list kind of go hand in hand? Or at least two leads to three?
    For me it goes something kind of like this. There I am with my eggnog, Bing Crosby’s singing somewhere in the background, “Christmas With the Cranks” is on the TV, I love everyone, and nothing could put me more in the groove of Christmas. Then suddenly a Verizon Wireless commercial comes on the air, and I hear some Grumplestiltskin talking about how he is going “holiday shopping” for “happiness presents”. At that moment, all the Bing in the world couldn’t put me back in the Christmas spirit. Suddenly I’m pestered by everyone, and that “filiky minky monka” song Bing is belching out is really starting to get old.

    The meat sweats is a new one for me. Turkey causes this huh? Well… it just sounds awful.

    • Okay, so this whole “holiday shopping” for “happiness presents” is maddening. What’s the deal with that?! We all know it’s Christmas, so why can’t we talk about it? Stupid media always shoving political correctness down our throats…

      I am SO glad that I’m not the only one who feels this way! 🙂

      As for the meat sweats, it may not be the actual turkey that causes this…probably just the gravy. And mashed potatoes. And stuffing. And turkey…

      Thanks for stopping in again, Dinkerson! I wish you and yours a Happy Gathering Family Time this joyous season… 😉

      P.S. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. Nice list, PCC! I have to say that it IS the very annoying things about this time of year that make me love it so much. I love the crowded parking lot – but only now; hideous holiday sweaters – awesome!; horrible light displays – tragic, but cool; made for tv movies where Santa’s daughter finds her soulmate when she makes-the-cross-country-journey-with-no-hope of getting home, but ends up marrying the schmaltzy guy – only this time of year; and food – don’t get me started on pumpkin pie! – ditto, love it too!

    Yes, it’s official: I am a Christmas nerd!!! 🙂
    BTW … I’m listening to Bing Crosby, Christmas in Killarney, right now. FANTASTIC!!

    • Okay, well Christmas in Killarney is a classic. There’s no denying that. That song could be playing year-round and it wouldn’t annoy me…it’s in my blood. 🙂

      You’re right, it’s the ridiculous stuff of this season that make it what it is….except for the Made-for-TV Christmas movies. I literally cannot take another one of them. The plot, the acting, the storyline, and even the guy who always plays the Santa Claus is lame.

      But it wouldn’t be Christmas without that, I guess, eh? 😉

      Thanks for dropping by again, MJ! Much appreciated…and Merry Christmas! 😀

  5. I’m with you on 21 of 22. The movie Elf simultaneously rescued both elves and Will Ferrell for me. Stockings should totally be full-length nylons, capable of stretching to accommodate pretty much Santa’s whole cargo. When he drops that first stuffer in there, I wanna see his mouth go, “What the Vixen?”

    I think deflated inflatables deserve their own separate number. I do not want to see another lawn that looks like a holiday drive-by. Seriously, don’t they have aids for erectile dysfunction? Slip Frosty a little blue pill would ya? If your inflatable lasts longer than 4 hours please consult your plastician.

    I love ♥ LOVE ♥ the aqua skirt! Even more than the goat!


    $100 to send out Christmas cards kind of bothers me, but now I’m going to be annually incensed that I can’t get Nerds in my Cold Stone Creations.

    My ugliest sweater ever worn was a horror of A Christmas Story magnitude. My aunt knitted me an I-kid-you-not pink and green turtleneck – all the visual appeal of lettuce stuck in your bubble gum. “You try it on, Annie! She went to all that work!” Thank God it made me break out in a rash.

    The best way to untangle lights is to donate them to a charity and buy new ones. It’s pretty efficient.

    Wow, long road trip! Careful, you’ll end up in another short story called The Office Party or something. 🙂

    • 1) Agreed. Elf saved the day with one simple line: “Smiling’s my favourite”.

      2) Stockings need to be bigger than my own leg…I need to literally be able to fit 2 of me in there. That’s the true meaning of Christmas.

      3) I think that if inflatables are even somewhat deflated, the Neighbourhood Watch programme should be able to make the decision to pull the plug. Literally.

      4) I still love the goat the most. And also her glasses.

      5) I don’t send out Christmas cards — too expensive. I text everyone I know. That gets them really into the Christmas spirit.

      6) If you can in any way relate your ugliest Christmas sweater to what Ralphie had to wear, you are by far the winner. I can’t believe that abomination of a sweater was even forced on you. For Christmas, I’m giving you therapy…

      7) I just plug the lights in as-is and throw them on the tree. Nobody really cares…except when my family and friends come to visit. Then, suddenly, it’s a problem.

      Thanks for stopping in again, Annie! You never cease to impress me with your wit and horrible holiday stories! 😉 Merry Christmas!!

      • [knock knock] “Excuse me Ma’am, I’m with the Decoration Police.” [flashes badge] “Are those your deflated decorations in front of the building?”

        “Ma’am? What the? This is an apartment complex! I live upstairs!”

        “Yes, Ma’am, your lights were on. So then they don’t…”

        “No! And stop calling me Ma’am!”

        “I understand, Ma’am. If you could direct us…”

        “Hey! Hold the phone! [points] Do see on my doorway where it says Manager? Right! You don’t! Downstairs, #2.”

        “Thank you very much, Ma’am. Sorry to bother you.”

        “Grr!” [slam]

      • Hahaha!! I feel like you’re about ready to write another short story here, Annie… 😉

      • 🙂 I probably would, but I have to write something new for Write Wednesdays this week.

  6. 16 The Green Grinch

    I agree with your probs.
    Here are some of mine too:
    For kids…..
    – bad Santa breath at the mall.
    – hot malls while wearing winter garb
    – gifts from someone you don’t like
    – forgetting to buy for someone you do like
    – cheap workplaces that give out a free Tim Horton’s coffee card instead of turkeys
    – cheap stores that wont provide boxes
    – Dollar stores with repetitive Christmas music at high volume
    – restaurants with loud Christmas music (jingle Bells)
    – people who only donate $2 to charity
    – no snow on Christmas Day
    – 25 car line-up at a RIDE program
    – houses having no Christmas lights or decorations
    – realizing you have no coffee in the house on Christmas Day

    • I completely agree with your 2nd point. Having to wear a winter coat while walking through the mall is the absolute WORST. I refuse to do it. I would rather leave my jacket in the car, walk the 10 minute walk outside in the freezing air than have to wear a jacket inside of a mall for more than 23 seconds.

      And any store or restaurant that plays the same loud Christmas music should be shut down. That’s unacceptable.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Grinch! 😉 Merry Christmas!

  7. 18 rft3

    Good lists. In general, I agree with your brother’s thoughts. The chaotic shopping malls, having to park on he other side of the world and the spending can be a bit much.

    The ‘Happy Holidays’ vs ‘Merry Christmas’ is always a topic this time of year. I’m OK with both but I guess it depends on the part of Canada. I’ve been to malls in New Brunswick where religious songs and music were being performed by local students – I’d say Merry Christmas. In the GTA, with so many diverse groups celebrating different things, Happy Holidays may seem safer.

    Your point about gifts that aren’t square is hilarious; I have enough trouble wrapping perfectly square boxes sometimes!

    • Yes, I agree with my brother as well. I like to call him a bah humbug, but sometimes, I think maybe I’m worse…? 😉

      As for the Happy Holidays thing, I live and work in the GTA and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and I receive the same greeting back. I think everyone here wants to say it but the media has made us too afraid. I’m taking back Christmas…so, MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🙂

      Yeah, those oddly shaped presents are the WORST to wrap! It drives me nuts. I will either end up doing a shoddy wrapping job just to get it wrapped, or I’ll just throw it in one of those gift bags. The people that know me know that I suck at wrapping…they understand. 😉

      Thanks very much for dropping in, RFT3! Much appreciated!

  8. You crack me up. #2 and 3 had me early. I feel your pain on the work front. I was the only teacher who had to teach all weekend and then still give a final Monday night. Weird schedule but grades are in and I’m almost ready to get festive! Almost. Well, I kind of started on my blog with a heartfelt song video.

    • Yeah, I’m in the office by myself again tomorrow…it’s going to be a long, tough day. I guess that when you miss your workmates, it means you must have a pretty good working environment, huh? That’s a good thing. 🙂

      I’m almost ready to get festive as well. Perhaps if I got into the eggnog a little earlier, it might help, eh? 😉

      Thanks for stopping in again, Clay! I’ll have to check out your latest post. I have no doubt I’ll love it…anything with a song immediately wins me over! 🙂

  9. I don’t think I have ever read one of your posts and not smiled the whole way through it or at the end thought “I’m not the only one!” Brilliant as always.

    • Aww…that’s so kind of you to say, Adam! Thank you! 🙂

      And, I have to admit…I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks the way I do either! 😉

  10. 24 TDot

    LOL!!! Those are hilarious and I can definitely relate. You should open up a feedback channel to collect the top 100 annoying things of the season. I think next year, I will embrace all the activities that are “bah humbug” to be at one with them–maybe it’s better on the other side.

    Here’s one for the list:
    My wife ordered a customized “baby’s second christmas” ornament for the tree this year. It just arrived by mail for us to discover that the manufacturer hand-printed “Baby’s 2nd Christmas” just above the default text that reads “Baby’s 1st Christmas”! Really, they didn’t see the contradiction?!? Christmas is upon us in 4 days; couriers are finished in 2; replacement time greater than 4. Bah humbug!!!

    • Oh man! Bah humbug, indeed!! I can’t believe a company would be that lame. You should send it back with the words written on it, “Baby’s 1st Return”.

      Thanks for dropping in, TDot…you big bah humbug. 😉

  11. Haha, way to troll, putting up with them! :P.

    That’s true though, such an occasion demands joy. And why not?. The whole community goes through it, so i think you can as well :D.

    As always, humor with sarcasm, loved the post.

    • That’s very true, Ibrahim…everyone really does feel the same way that I do, they may just not be admitting it. I’m convinced of that. 😉

      Thanks again for stopping by to visit again and for your very kind words! Greatly appreciated!

  12. 28 sportsattitudes

    I’ve seen businesses and residents alike light up half a tree. I don’t get that. At first, I thought it was “my problem.” I think not. I have seen my share of “busy” Christmas sweaters in my time but have never taken to wearing them. I do have a “loaded” tie I break out for the Holidays but it has no lights on it so people give me a pass. The most efficient way to untangle tree lights is to throw them away and immediately go buy new ones, carefully extracting them from the boxes. I have come to the conclusion as cost-effectively as they are made these days to just get new ones every year. I’m sure over the years my family has lost a relative or two inside one of those giant wads of tree lights. Happy Holidays to you and everyone who stops by here!!!

    • You know what, I actually just heard on the radio a guy saying that his biggest pet peeve during the holidays is people who only light up half a tree, so we’re not the only ones! Do you know that I almost added in “Christmas ties” to the list, but I thought that might push a few buttons…kinda wishing I had, now. 😉

      Tree lights are terrible. From now on, if a tree doesn’t come with the lights already attached and in working order, I’m not buying it. As soon as one of those lights goes out, I’m tossing the whole tree and buying a new one. That’s not wasteful; just good sense. 😉

      Thanks so much, Sports! Your comments are always appreciated! Merry Christmas!! 😀

  13. Oh my goodness – so many things on that list hit me too! The parking issues – really, why is the bank parking lot so much busier, they parking to the McDonalds so crazy and hectic – do people really need to go to these places more around Christmas then any other time – or is just I notice it now cause I spent 40 minutes looking for parking in the mall lot earlier??

    I also hate Christmas sweaters…and also not a fan of everyone wearing red and green the week leading up to the holidays. Granted, I don’t look good in red or green so maybe I am jealous!

    • Ah! Yes! I forgot about the Christmas colour scheme…red and green at ALL times! I should have added that one to the list. 😉

      I think the most irritating thing about the holidays is trying to find parking…especially if you’re anywhere close to Toronto or the GTA. It’s nearly impossible.

      Now, don’t get me wrong here…Christmas is awesome. Christmas parking, however, is not. 😉

      Thanks for dropping in, Nikilee! Much appreciated!

  14. My favorites are the giant nativity scenes with extras thrown in because they had them. Like having baby Jesus surrounding by wise men, Mary, Winnie-The-Pooh and Mickey Mouse.

    • Yes, because we all know that besides the camels, donkeys, and sheep, Donald Duck must’ve been in that barn somewhere as well…

      Thanks so much for stopping in, Byronic Man! 😉

  15. Exceptional creativity!

    • Thanks very much, Heather! Now, if only I didn’t have to fight through all of the Christmas shopper traffic on the way home… 😉

  16. LOL… loved the one about people decorating 1/2 the tree or just wrapping some lights around the trunk. I too have been saying that for years, how stupid that looks. Then I saw that Christmas sweater and for a quick second I thought it was a picture of goat on the sweater and I thought, gotta get me one of those (we have a couple of goats as pets). Then I realized it was an actual goat!

    • Now I wish that Christmas sweater actually did have a picture of a goat on it. That would be the ultimate Christmas sweater. I would buy that…for real.

      I guess I’ll just have to settle for the goat. 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Brown Road Chronicles! Merry Christmas! 😀

  17. akways hilarious! Hehe seems like in France we don’t have all those bad Christmas things (but we still have alot of them) I’ve never seen a Christmas sweater in my whole life xP What I find really weird about Christmas is that everyone is so happy and half the time it’s fake. But that’s being a killjoy, right? … yeaaaaah 😉
    Nice post, it’s always a pleasure to read you! Happy Hollidays! (joking… Merry Christmas!)

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure that you Europeans don’t get all caught up with the commercialism during Christmas that we North Americans do…I think I need to move to France. lol!

      Also, I’m not surprised that you have never seen a Christmas sweater before…you live in France. I’ve been to France. There’s no way that anyone there would ever actually purchase one of those things. You guys keep it classy. 😉

      Thanks again for your kind words, GabrielPoetry! Always appreciated! And Merry Christmas!! 😀

  18. I don’t like how around Christmas family is suddenly important. Throughout the year everybody goes their own way but on Christmas I’m expected to play family and be nice. Nah, not this year!

    • Well, maybe this year, your whole family could ask for family therapy sessions for Christmas and then you’ll all feel differently next year. Perhaps this year, you could just console yourselves with a big fat turkey…that always brings families together, for some reason… 😉

      Thanks for stopping in, Xarah! Merry Christmas! 😀

  19. Hey Christy, how have you been? Hope well!

    I just came back from a long trip in the north of my country (Spain). And, it was about time that I visit your blog!!

    I liked this sentence: 4 ) Aggressive people fighting to buy a limited stock item (or, on the flip-side, re-gifting)

    because it makes me remind of the Arnold’s Schwarzenegger ( Idk if it is well written this way ¬¬) film titled “jingle all the way”, where lot of people’s fighting for a kind of toy or item as you said, quite funny lol! It is not like such a great film, but you will have a funny time watching it, if you haven’t yet.

    “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” !!! LOL! 😛

    • And yes, Christmas is a great season where there might be a “plus” in people’s joy or cheerfulness 🙂

      Also a plus” in the COLD weather…¬¬ xD

    • Hey Javi! I hope you enjoyed your time in the north! Yes, there are many people here in North America that act like Arnold did in that film! lol!

      Thanks so much for stopping by again…always great to see you here! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  20. 45 Lionel

    Mistletoe, you dont like mistletoe, it depends who’s standing underneath.

    • Yeah, I guess it’s not actually the plant that bothers me. It’s just that it’s usually someone that you don’t want to kiss that ends up standing underneath it…when that happens, I fake a sneezing attack and leave the room.

      Thanks for stopping in for a visit, Lionel! 😉 Merry Christmas!

  21. 47 Humbug

    I like to wrap a gift and then iron the paper to make perfect edges, just to show my christmasy superiority.

  22. I wish I could have come to visit you before the holidays began. They were an absolute nightmare this year.

    Still I commend you for putting up with all of the awfulness and still feeling hopeful about Christmas. You are a kinder more gentle soul than I am.

    • Uh-oh…sounds like you had a bit of a rough go of things over the holidays! Mine were pretty great (until I got sick – hence why I haven’t been on here much lately) until I saw one of my neighbors with the half-completed tree decorations outside.

      That just ruined it all for me then.

      Thanks for stopping in, Matt! Always good to hear from you! 😉

  23. You know the thing about the garish christmas earrings is that the only time they don’t stand out is when they are part of a slutty-elf costume. I’m pretty sure if the only time an accessory fits in is with a slutty-elf costume you probably shouldn’t sport it… unless you are a slutty-elf.

    • …or if you’re just wearing the costume for Halloween, no? If not, I know a lot of elves that are going to be upset next Halloween when they can’t wear their ugly earrings.

      Thanks for stopping in, SoulWalker! Much appreciated! 😉

  24. Happy new year Christine 🙂

    (Did I say this to you before? well, anyways…xD)

    Looks like you have been really busy the last days. Me too :)!

    Fretfully waiting for more of your super interesting posts :)!!!

    • Hey Javi! Yes, I’ve been extremely busy for the past few weeks. I haven’t had a chance to post anything new or even read anyone else’s blogs for that matter! Utterly unforgivable, no? 😉

      Happy New Year to you as well, and I’ll be posting again soon! Promise. 🙂

  25. You’re beautiful and a nerd- in a good way!
    Looking forward to more stuff, here’s the Versatile Blogger Award

    • lol! Well, thank you very much! I can’t tell you just how glad I am that people recognise my nerdiness now… 😉 Also, thanks very much for the Versatile Blogger Award! What an honour! 😀

      I’ll be sure to write a thank you post soon… 🙂

  26. 57 jakesprinter

    What a great post and i love to invite you here

  27. Hey! Don’t you know that leaving your Christmas post up on your front page for this long is a little like leaving your Christmas lights up until August? 😉
    No real pressure :-), I know we all get busy. I just wanted to let you know we can’t wait for another of your super enlightening posts!
    All the best.

    • Wow…you are so right! I’m the annoying Christmas-lights-up-till-August person!!

      *Sigh* This comment alone has convinced me that I need to write a new post. Like, immediately. Expect a new one tomorrow, my friend. 🙂

      Hopefully I will not make my own list of things that annoy me…like bloggers who don’t post enough. That’s so annoying, isn’t it? 😉

      • Well… yes; however, I’ll admit that, ten months out of twelve, I fall into that very category. I believe that it is this very thing, along with poor subject matter, that has hindered me from becoming the world famous blogger that I set out to be 😉
        Remember those dreams of overnight fame right after that initial post. Those were the days.

      • That’s still pretty good. I fall into that category 12 months out of 12. I have zero interesting content, and I don’t write nearly enough. I still have no idea why people follow this blog…I think it’s because they feel sorry for me. “Poor little delusional ninja, that PCC is”, they say. And then their hearts break so much that they click on “Follow”…and immediately regret it but feel too badly for me to click “Unfollow”.

        I still dream of overnight blogdom (<— is that a word?) fame. And then I dream of the day when it all gets too much, and I simply can't handle TMZ splashing my life all over the papers anymore that I must simply step back from the blog spotlight and become a recluse. Then, I'll start a new blog…you know, to keep it real. Get back to my roots.

        And then I'll write a book about it.

        (What a ridiculous rant this has been…sorry that you even had to read through it, Dinkerson…lol).

  28. I love that first graphic…

  29. 65 Frivolous Monsters

    Wow, do they not have humbugs (the boiled sweet [candy?] variety), that you’ve pictured, in Canada? I never realised that they were so exclusively British.

    • Well, you can get them in specialty shops, but they’re not as widely available as they are in the UK.

      Here in Canada, if you tell someone that you just ate a humbug, they’d have you committed. And then they’d read A Christmas Carol to you over and over again, to make sure you knew what “humbug” actually means…

      Thanks so much for stopping in again, Frivolous Monsters! Great to see you here! 🙂

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