I Have a Pair of 3D Glasses…for Emergencies


First of all, I must apologise for being slightly absent from the blogosphere lately. Sorry, guys…I’ll post something good this week.

In the meantime, I feel like I need to share this true story with you. If you’ve been following my blog for some time now (thank you, by the way!), then you know that I consider myself to be a nerd and with good reason. But you need to know that there was something that happened this past weekend that just reiterated that fact and I feel I must share with you.

My geek goggles. Don't hate. (Photo Credit: http://www.hometheatreforum.com)

On Sunday night, I went to bed rather early (around 10:30pm) so that I could rest up for the start of a new week. Spring is usually a pretty busy time of year at our college, so I wanted to make sure that I would have a good start on the week. Well, once I was in bed, I flipped on my TV and started watching Futurama. I then noticed that, for some reason, it appeared to be filmed in 3D. “Shoot!”, I thought to myself, “if only I had 3D glasses, this would be SO cool to watch!”

I then remembered that I do, indeed, have 3D glasses. In my purse. In case of emergencies.

I then jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to get them. In the process, I hit my hip on my dresser, stubbed my toe on my door frame, and stumbled down the stairs, my body unable to keep up with the speed that I demanded of it. I raced over to my purse, rummaging through every inch of it until I found them. “Aha!”, I said aloud, and raised the glasses up in the air, triumphantly. “Got ’em!”

”]I then ran upstairs as fast as humanly possible, literally jumped into my bed, and put on my 3D glasses with a smug look on my face.

I proceeded to watch the rest of the episode. By myself. In my bed. Wearing my emergency 3D glasses.

I’m not sure what’s sadder…the fact that I had 3D glasses for just such an occasion, or the fact that I almost killed myself running down the stairs to get them.



Do you own a pair of emergency 3D glasses?

Do you think that risking your life to retrieve them is worth the effort?

Can you please tell me your own nerd-story and make it worse than mine so I don’t feel so badly?


35 Responses to “I Have a Pair of 3D Glasses…for Emergencies”

  1. 1 sportsattitudes

    I have a pair of “emergency” 3D glasses. However, they are safely holstered in a part of the house easily accessable and not prone to physical calamity, even if I felt I needed them in a big, big hurry. I guess maybe I was subconsciously planning ahead of time for such an event as you describe, because clearly you just never, ever know when a three-dimensional requirement will “hit” you I have to think upon a “nerd event” that might qualify for insertion here. In the interim, you admittedly have set the bar very, very high. πŸ™‚

    • Yesssss! I knew there was someone else out there who owned a pair! I will tell you, however, that the very reason why they are in my purse is because you just never know when and where you may need them. They need to be mobile.

      To that end, I have prepared myself. Is it too ridiculous to admit that I have 2 pairs? I now have one pair in my purse, and one pair on my bedside table.

      Also, I don’t think that anyone else can surpass my nerd-bar. I wish it were possible, but, I’m afraid, it appears impossible.

      Thanks again for reinforcing my nerdiness, Sports! Always appreciated! πŸ˜‰

  2. Haha, Nerds go good on ice cream! πŸ™‚

    I do not have emergency 3D glasses. 3D is a difficult experience for me that often results in headaches, although I blame the theaters, not the glasses, for that. I only use the glasses in theaters (John Carter was pretty cool in 3D btw), which both provide and recycle them. But therein lies a tale…

    The first time I went to the theater with one of these polarized 3D movies, I stole the free glasses. Yes, stole. It was not the first time I’ve stolen things, namely pens. It wasn’t even the first time I stole garbage, but that is for another story. The finer detail of this story is that I did not in fact actually SEE a 3D movie. I stood outside the theater everyone ELSE went to see and waited by the receptacle for enough people to discard their glasses that I thought my arm would reach.

    You may have noticed that those receptacles now have two tiny slots in the top of them just wide enough to slide a pair of folded glasses through. I’m pretty much the reason for that. I had to have a pair of 3D glasses. Had. To. So, I took off my real glasses, which did NOT have tape on them by the way, joined the stampede of exiting patrons and pretended to drop my glasses in.

    “OH NO! My glasses!”

    The problem is I accidentally really dropped my real ones in, only to find that not only were they still too far to reach, but it wasn’t even close. I stretched as far as I could and next thing I knew I had fallen into 3D Glasses Hell. Pair after pair came raining down on top of me while I fumbled blindly to find the only pair of real glasses in the bin.

    I eventually found them, but not before a little 5 yr old girl was howling outside the receptacle that there was a monster inside. One of the theater attendants dumped the thing over while another one beat me with a broom until they knocked enough of the clinging blob of glasses off of me to realize I was not actually a 3D glasses monster. The manager threw me out after making sure they had searched me thoroughly, so I didn’t even get to keep the garbage I stole. And then the irony of ironies. The guy who beat me up with the broom broke my real glasses and I had to wear them taped together for a couple of weeks while I waited for a new pair from the optometrist. Nerd.

    Waiting outside that theater that day, I did learn something, though. Approximately one in every eleven people coming out of a 3D movie, do not discard their glasses!

    Yeah, that’s all a lie. But it made you feel better for a little while.

    • Haha, epic story-telling failure! That last paragraph should have ended… One blonde girl I noticed, slyly stuffing her glasses into her purse, actually deposited a Big Mac wrapper in the receptacle instead!

      • Hahahaha!!! Oh, I replied to your first comment before I even read this one! So funny and so true! Aahh…great minds think alike, no?

        We both recognise what a huge nerd I am. Also, that I have sort of a fast-food problem…

    • If I actually wore real glasses, I’d almost think that you stole that story from my life.

      How do you think I got the 3D glasses in the first place…?

      Also, you leave the best comments, Annie.

      The. Best.

      Thanks for the laugh! πŸ˜€

      • Haha, yeah. When you meet someone who actually paid for the glasses, I think you will have discovered that person who surpassed your nerd-bar.

        Fast food problems are universal. I’ve had to ban myself from Burger Kings for years now, because those charbroiled cardboard things are so good when you can have them your way (read: extra mayo).

      • Okay, so now all I’ve got to do is find someone who paid for them. Do you know that you can actually buy a pair of sporty-looking 3D glasses for $24.95? I’m a little tempted. Nerd-bar now raised even higher.

        As for Burger King, I hear ya. Those things are delicious…especially because you can have them your way (read: extra Whopper on top of Whopper).

  3. 9 Jeff Walker

    So if a person was talking loudly on his/her mobile phone while facing you in an elevator, and he/she was wearing 3D glasses, would your inner nerd be conflicted enough to 1) politely take them off their face before smacking them upside the head; or 2) politely ask/gesture for them to remove them before you thwack them upside the head?

    I know…who wears 3D glasses in an elevator? Not owning a pair or seeing a 3D movie since “Friday the 13th in 3-D” back in (hmmm…nevermind) I dunno how prevalent this things are.

    ***When I saw that 3D movie back before the Dawn of Time our smalltown theater was undergoing renovations, so the owner put up 6-8 white bedsheets on the wall as a screen. 3D FAIL. But he took $1 off admission.

    • Aah…good question, Jeff. I would probably 1) compliment them on their awesome choice of eye-wear; 2) politely ask them to remove said eye-wear; 3) smack them upside the head; 4) steal their eye-wear and run away…as soon as the elevator stopped on my floor.

      So you haven’t owned a pair of 3D glasses since “Friday the 13th” or you haven’t worn a pair since then?? There is a BIG difference! Did you not see “Avatar” in 3D?! If not, it’s really not an issue…I don’t know what the big deal with that film was, anyway.

      As for the owner of your small town theatre, I’m glad he took $1 off the admission price. I’m assuming that the total admission price was $1, of course…

      Thanks so much for dropping by again, Jeff! Always great to see you here! πŸ˜‰

  4. I keep an emergency pair of 3D glasses just in case I wake up one morning and the entire world has turned blurry and sort of blue-green all of a sudden.

    I would then be the proverbial one-eyed man among the blind and be made king.

    It is definitely worth risking your life for such a possibility but I wouldn’t have trouble with dressers and door frames. A childhood spent running around in adventure playgrounds and setting fire to things has me well-trained for such obstacles.

    Were you wearing a nightie or pyjamas in bed?

    • Aha! Someone who understands what a true emergency really is. I also have the same worries, Michael. With the way things are moving these days (i.e. 3D movies, 3D films, etc.), I’m almost certain that, pretty soon, everything in real life will be in 3D as well. Whoa…can you imagine that?? Crazy.

      I would like to say that I’m usually not so clumsy, but I would be lying. I am always that clumsy. It doesn’t matter what time of day or where I am, emergency or not, I am bound to trip, fall, and puncture a lung. You are a lucky man to be physically prepared for the inevitable to happen.

      Why is it that everyone always wants to know what everyone else wears to bed? It seems to be the most popular question known to man. When I first meet someone, it is probably the 2rd question I ask them, just after “How are you?” and just before “What is your name?”

      Thanks for dropping by again, Michael! Brilliant comment, as usual. πŸ™‚

  5. The only thing I could think of, was about Sheldon, from the sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’. I feel the only other person who can possible think of keeping an Emergency 3D goggles would be him :-). Do drop by those sets, you might get a chance!!

    • Haha!! Oh, that just made me laugh so hard, Sumukh! You know why?

      Because you are absolutely right.

      Who else in their right mind would own a pair of these things?? I know they’re silly, but you never know when an emergency might pop up. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks again, Sumukh! Such a pleasure when you drop by!

  6. Loved this. I can’t do the whole 3D glasses thing too well because it really irritates my eyes – but the whole “I’ve got to do this now and bounce out of bed to do it, no matter what the pain” thing I totally get. In that way, I too am a nerd. Just ask my wife… πŸ™‚

    • But the question is, would you “bounce out of bed and do it, no matter what the pain” if it was for something as lame as the reason why I bounced out of bed? Probably not. I doubt you are that big of a nerd, Ken. I mean, really…who does that for a pair of glasses? I’m pretty sure that even Cyclops from X-Men probably didn’t care about his glasses that much, and if he didn’t wear them, he’d destroy everything he looked at!

      I appreciate you trying to make me feel better about my super high nerd-bar, though…but face it, you just don’t measure up to being that much of a nerd.

      Thanks for stopping in, Ken! Great to see you here again! πŸ˜‰

      • ha ha! Well, you’re right – I wouldn’t do it for 3D glasses. But I would do it (and have done equivalent things) for other lame and pathetic reasons. My family spend most of their lives hanging their heads in shame and despair at the kind of nerdish things I do. Still, you might be right – you sound like a professional nerd whereas I – maybe – am just a talented amateur… πŸ™‚ x

  7. Ok we really were destined to be friends… My emergency 3D glasses are on my desk in my room!!!! You never know when you’re going to need them!! Mine most recently came in handy for beauty and the beast. Yup. Took my own pair. Serious question: was futurama in fact in 3d?????

    • BAH!!! HighFiverson…why have we not met in real life yet??!! Wow…I am so impressed with you right now.

      Yes, Futurama was actually in 3D! I’m not certain it was supposed to be, but maybe they aired it by accident. Either way, it was the greatest night of my life. I’m not afraid to admit that.

      Thanks so much for reiterating the need for emergency 3D glasses! You just made my day! πŸ™‚

  8. I was at a friend’s house the other day, and he had like five of these things (the nerdy black ones) lying about on his counter.
    I cursed him shamelessly and told him that he was an uber-nerd, and that he and his nerdy wife were the only two people that I had ever met who would steal not one of these, not two of these, not three of these, not four of these…(pause for emphasis)

    But like, FIVE of these from some poor, struggling movie theater. “I mean, theaters only charge like $249 or a tank of gas to get in to a 3-d movie”, I spurnaciously reminded him. “How do you think they can afford this thievery?”

    Then he asked me if I wanted a pair, and so now I have a pair too

    Although, I don’t call them my emergency pair, I just call them my pair.

    Anyway, the worst part is that you don’t get no discount at the theater if you offer to use your own. What’s up with that. They just ask for you to give them back.

    Of course all of this wasn’t really the other day, I merely use that expression for all past events.

    This was like five years ago, before you could buy a 3d tv and subsequently, legally own a pair of these shades.

    But trust me, it was like totally illegal before. πŸ˜€

    • I also own more than one pair. It’s important to have a pair somewhere on each level of the house…you never know when an emergency may arise, and you need to get them immediately.

      I have also brought my own 3D glasses to the theatre, expecting to receive some kind of discount, but they always tell me that the reason I’m paying an extra $4 for the ticket is not due to the glasses, it’s “because the film was shot in 3D and it costs more to do that, so we have to charge more to offset that cost.” That’s ridiculous. They’re charging for the glasses and we all know it.

      Also, I can’t even describe to you how hard I laughed at “Although, I don’t call them my emergency pair, I just call them my pair.” I mean, that should be what I call them, but I just think that you need to have an emergency pair, just like I think all men should have an emergency bow tie. You never know when the need for one may arise.

      Nathan, you are always hilarious…you should know that. Thanks for reading about my lameness and making further fun of me because I call them “emergency” glasses… πŸ˜‰

  9. My regular glasses are enough like 3D ones so I just don’t bother.

    I have a few pairs of vintage white ones with red and blue lenses from the 1980s but none of the new ones. Honestly, 3D actually sort of makes me feel a little ill and my glasses don’t make for an optimal viewing experience.

    How much better was the show in 3D though?! I’ve always wondered.

    • Hahaha!! Well, I don’t wear glasses, so I guess it’s a bit of a novelty for me, getting to wear 3D ones. I never actually thought about how people who do wear glasses cope!

      I only have the new ones, but I wish that I still had my vintage ones…not to actually use them, but just to brag that I had them. I feel like that would be brag-worthy. I’ve actually heard that those old school ones are really bad for your eyes, so don’t wear them too often, Posky…no matter how tempting. πŸ˜‰

      To be honest, it was pretty cool watching it in 3D. It didn’t last long, but just enough to make me want experience it again. Now, every time I watch TV, I’m slightly disappointed that it’s not 3D. Just slightly, though.

      • 24 Posky

        I don’t think any of them are good for your eyes. My eyes just keep getting worse and worse and I only wear regular glasses.

        I want to see you in a pair of thick framed spectacles.

      • I don’t care. I’m going to wear my 3D glasses any chance I get. I don’t even care if I need them or not. Doesn’t matter.

        I will have to find and don a pair of thick framed glasses and take a photo to send you. I’m sure you’d love that. You like hipsters, right? πŸ˜‰

  10. the fact that you have a 3D tv in your bedroom is interesting. But HOT at the same time. So I guess you are a very hot nerd!!!!

    I wonder what king of tv you have in the living room… 60in with everything
    bell included.

    • Well, perhaps I wasn’t clear…I don’t actually have a 3D TV in my room. It’s just that the show itself was broadcast in TV. It wasn’t the entire episode, just a few minutes of it. To this day, I’m still not sure why! Haha!

      Thanks for dropping in again, Mark! Much appreciated!

  11. Hi there Christy, how have you been during this looooong time?

    I guess I’m definitely back. More time for reading and writing again, such a relief! πŸ™‚

    3d glasses… but, don’t you need to have a special TV so that you can watch 3D movies or shows? With any normal Tv you can do it as well? Wow!

    I remember that, when I was 9, I “unconsciously” stole a coloured pair of 3D glasses from the cinema lol, but were of no use to me since I didn’t like to watch 3D films… althoug, nowadays, 3D quality is quite high , but it keeps failing in the “dark tones” ^^

    • Hey Javi!!

      Yes, normally you would have to have a 3D TV, but for some unknown reason, they were showing that episode in 3D…to this day, I have no idea how or why! Anyway, luckily I had my emergency 3D glasses on hand…I’m always ready for just such an occasion. πŸ˜‰

      Always good to hear from you Javi! I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, but I haven’t had a chance to even check my blog in ages! I’ll try to post again soon! πŸ™‚

  12. PCC, you’re so adorable =)

  13. I think it’s very thoughtful of you to keep a 3D glasses in your purse. I think we all need to learn from you and own at least one pair… well maybe one more spare one – for romantic occasions, when we can just order our significant one to go ahead and jump through the hoops and risk his life to bring our purse from another room, so that all that left for us to do is to graciously pull 3D glasses out from our purse… and to thank our hero:).

    • Absolutely! Because you never know when you might need a pair.

      Just an update: I now have 1 pair of 3D glasses in my bedside table, and 2 pairs in my purse…so that when I ask my significant other to get my purse and I pull out my glasses, I will have a pair for him too. Just so he can feel as cool as I do.

      Thanks again, NY! πŸ˜‰

  14. I have an emergency Superhero suit. Fireproof. Invisibility shield. Releases web-like titanium polyfiber between skyscrapers. Shoots laser light beams in case of…emergencies.

    Does that count? xx

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